10 Must-Pack Items for the Grand Canyon

How many times have you arrived at your travel destination to discover you’ve forgotten to pack something important? It’s easy for essentials to fall through the cracks when you’re rushing for the door. The best way to make sure you have everything you need is to make a list! Here’s one to help you get started with the 10 must-pack items when visiting the Grand Canyon.

  1. Insulated/reusable water bottle or another hydrated system: Stay hydrated! The air at the Grand Canyon can be very dry, so you may feel more thirsty than usual, especially if you’re hiking. A good rule of thumb is to carry about 3 quarts of water per adult. If you don’t want to carry it all, there are free water refill stations throughout the park and even on some hiking trails!
  2. Black light Flashlight: Though scorpions don’t come out during the day, they do come out at night. Be sure to carry a flashlight to spot these creatures.
  3. Bandages/Small first-aid kit: To take care of any bumps or bruises that might happen on your Grand Canyon adventure.
  4. Sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher), lip balm, sun hat: Protect yourself from the sun! The sun shines brightly in the Grand Canyon, even in the winter. You can get sunburn even on a cloudy day. We recommend a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to pack for the Grand Canyon.
  5. Backpack: Leave your hands free for snapping photos and carry bulky things like water and sunscreen in a backpack. If you are just going out for the day, a smaller 18-30L size will work just fine and can double as a personal item on an airplane!
  6. Binoculars: Catch Grand Canyon’s coolest creatures from a distance like condors and faraway rock formations.
  7. Camera: There will be no shortage of spectacular photo opportunities in the Grand Canyon.
  8. Water mister or bandanna: Keep cool with a portable mister/bandanna that can make hikes more manageable during summer days.
  9. Park Map: The North and South rims both carry an abundance of overlooks, trails and museums. A park map will help guide you through your Grand Canyon experience.
  10. Bug spray: The trails can get buggy at times so pack repellent sprays or wipes.
Grand Canyon Backpack
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