Grand Canyon in the Fall – Top 5 Reasons to Visit

Let’s face it – we all know the Grand Canyon is a year-round spectacular experience. Each season introduces something unique to the rims. Having said that, there are a few things that make fall a genuine sweet spot at the Canyon.

  1. The most obvious – temperatures. The climate starts to dry out after the summer monsoons end. Fall at the Canyon offers mild daytime temperatures ranging from 50° and 60°. However, nighttime can get a bit chilly with temperatures reaching as low as 20°, be sure to dress accordingly.
  2. Most enjoyed during this time period is the South Rim’s Inner Canyon trails. Great weather and reduced crowds amount to any hiker’s and backpacker’s paradise. Making reservations for the Grand Rim Adventure Tour also comes with ease as there is more open slots available.
  3. The autumn foliage is unparalleled. The dramatic red colors deepen, and the gold leaves of the Aspen and Oak trees emphasize the grandeur of the Canyon.
  4. Shorter days makes catching a breathtaking Grand Canyon sunset effortless.
  5. Yavapai Lodge is an overall sweet spot at the Canyon, especially in the fall. It’s located right inside Grand Canyon National Park and is only 5 minutes from the South Rim. It is conveniently located next to a market, post office, bank, restaurant and gift shops making it extremely easy to navigate around the Canyon Village on a chilly fall day!