How Drinking Wine Can Assist the California Condor

In 1982 there were only 22 California Condors left in the world. The future looked devastatingly bleak, until the incredible people of The Peregrine Fund stepped in to save the species and change the future of these stunning raptors. Today there are nearly 500 – more than half flying free in Arizona, Utah, California and Baja Mexico!


The Peregrine Fund has been on the leading edge of recovering this iconic American peregrine-fund-logospecies and continues to work diligently through breeding and raising of California Condors for release into the wild, ensuring that the future generations can look above and delight as the silhouette of a condor’s magnificent wingspan sweeps overhead. But the Peregrine Fund’s work is not done.

Do your part to help raise valuable funding for future conservation projects and sustainable solutions for the California Condor by partaking in one of America’s favorite past times… drinking wine. Two wines exclusive to the Grand Canyon are donating $1 per bottle sold to the Peregrine Fund.canyoncutter-200x533

Canyon Cutter (a clean, crisp, dry white that includes a touch of honey and lime) celebrates the magnificent Colorado River and the rare California Condor flying high above. Air Patrol (a dry, Montana red with a rich taste and long finish) is an ode to the five condors’ nests hidden in the canyon’s cliffs.

Wine for a cause? Souairpatrol-200x533nds like a win – win to us! Pick up a bottle on your next trip to the canyon and keep your eyes on the sky. The soaring condor is a sight you won’t want to miss.

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