Top Reasons to Visit Grand Canyon in the Winter

Winter is a great time of year to visit the Grand Cangc_insta_030514yon’s South Rim and here’s a few reasons why we think you will agree:

  1. During Winter (non-holiday periods) the park is typically slower and has more room availability and less crowds.
  2. Room rates are typically lower than peak periods and non-holiday
  3. It’s a beautiful time of year, the natural colors and textures seem to pop out, especially when a blanket of snow enhances the canyon.
  4. Sunrise is later and Sunset is earlier
  5. You can drive your car on the 7-mile scenic route to Hermit’s Rest (closed to private vehicles during peak season)
  6. Visibility is the highest of the year – on a clear day, mountain peaks over 200 miles away (350 km) are visible from some viewpoints.
  7. Did wGrand Canyon Nat Park: Elk Cow & Calf in Winter:1796e mention no crowds
  8. See the animals in a different way. Most animals in the park have some sort of adaptation to the cold weather




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